Meeting the Leadership & Management Requirements



Owners, Managers & Leaders

Course Description:

This course walks you thorough the judgement of Leadership and Management within the inspection handbook and helps you to unpick all the requirements. You will gain an insight into what an inspector looks for within each grade descriptor and how to confidently and sufficiently address them. You will also explore how to evidence;

  • How well you enhance the teaching of the curriculum and appropriate use of assessment
  • The systems in place for the supervision and support of staff
  • How you ensure all children, particularly those with SEND, have full access to their entitlement to early education
  • How you engage effectively with children, their parents and others in their community, including schools and other local services
  • How you engage with their staff and are aware of the main pressures on them
  • How you realistically and constructively manage staff, including their workload
  • How you fulfill statutory duties, such as the Equality Act 2010, and other duties, in relation to the ‘Prevent’ strategy and safeguarding
  • How you protect staff from harassment, bullying and discrimination
Length of Course:

2 Hours

*For now every Wednesday at 10am & 2pm until End of FEB, 2021.