An Introduction to the EYFS



New practitioners looking to enter the Early Years Workforce, All leaders and practitioners who are looking to refresh their knowledge inline with the latest changes

Course Description:

EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. Everyone working in an early years setting needs to be aware of, and have an understanding of, the EYFS. The EYFS looks to ensure children learn and develop well, and are kept healthy and safe with the highest quality early learning experience. This course gives you a brief introduction into;

  • Knowing the key statutory and non-statutory documents for the EYFS
  • The Guiding Principles
  • The Learning & Development Requirements
  • Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements
  • 7 Areas of Learning & Development
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Developing a deeper understanding of how young children learn and what good EYFS practice looks like
  • Planning, Observation & Assessment
  • Cultural Capital
Length of Course:

2 Hours

*For now every Wednesday at 10am & 2pm until End of FEB, 2021.