2 Year Development Review


When your child turns two, you will be offered two types of development review: one by an early years’ professional (if they are registered with an Ofsted-registered childcare provider) called the ‘two year progress check’ and one by a health care professional called the ‘two year review’.

Each review is important and has a different focus on your child’s progress and development. They will identify your child’s progress, strengths and individual needs so that everyone including you, can support your child’s health, wellbeing, learning and development.

This workshop will act as a guide to illustrate what early years professionals look out for and how they support children who are aged 2 and beyond. You will gain an insight about how to successfully support your child with various aspects inline with the checks made such as; healthy teeth, physical development, speech, language and behaviour, using a dummy and bottle and so much more, so that you can be one step ahead.