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From tackling personal decisions to reaching that all important goal, our job is to guide you on the path to success. As professional Consultants we guarantee great results. We are fuelled by a commitment to excellence and will go the extra mile to make sure our clients are fully satisfied with the work we do.

By looking at this site and choosing Early Years Enrichment Consultancy you are already on the road to raising the quality of your knowledge and practice. We aim to inspire, motivate and encourage through the work that we do in order to help prepare children for the exciting adventure that lies ahead of them!

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A little bit about us...

We are a team of early years experts with a recognised track record for improving the quality of provision for babies and young children within the Early Years Foundation Stage 0-5 years. We provide hands-on consultancy for parents and carers as well as early years providers such as day nurseries, childminders, children’s centres, nursery schools and nanny’s through lively tailored workshops, training and strategic planning. We have expertise across a wide variety of areas of early years pedagogy so that we can communicate to a wide range of audiences in a way that inspires enthusiasm and provides practical ways to move forward within any organisation or home environment.

Enrichment is seen by us as action and improvement. This implies using an array of skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, initiative, self direction, discovery, confidence and the courage to be different. Opportunities for these kinds of enrichment would be created throughout the curriculum, as well as professional practice. An important feature of enrichment is that it will enhance the curriculum and children’s general learning experience. ​

We have a wealth of experience in providing consultancy visits to early years provisions; We welcome enquiries from anyone within the sector.

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Leaders & Managers

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